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Big Brother-Like YouTube Series Is All About Vegans

In the 4th season of the YouTube series “YouTube House”, the cast will for the first time consist exclusively of vegans.
The concept is simple. As with the television reality show “Big Brother”, several participants will live together in one house for a few weeks. In the new season, the series’ creator, Bryan Turner, will invite eight vegan YouTubers to his home in Los Angeles. Turner is a vegan and bodybuilder himself, and with about 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube, he too will participate in the series.

To make the series varied, each episode will be hosted by a different participant. The different YouTubers will deal with different issues. “No Egg Craig”, for example, focuses on the preparation of vegan recipes in his lifestyle videos. He wants to show that anyone can be vegan and that the ingredients are not expensive. The YouTuber “Chelsea Lift”, on the other hand, is more about the sporty aspect and fitness inspiration. In this way, each of the participants adds their own personal touch to the programme.

The first three episodes of “YouTube House Season 4” are already available online. The videos have been viewed around 24,000 times on YouTube so far.

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