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Biossance Launches Bus Campaign to Educate Consumers

The consumer brand “Biossance” is taking a bus from Toronto to New York City to draw attention to the toxic ingredients in cosmetic products. The campaign aims to promote a clean, vegan and animal-free beauty industry.

The brand was created by Amyris and is committed to the “cleanliness” of cosmetic products. The aim of the campaign is to create a contact point for consumers who want to find out about the effects of certain ingredients. The information station’s mobility is intended to promote the distribution of health-related information in and around Toronto and New York.

Caroline Hadfield, President of Biossance, commented: “The laws regulating and reviewing the beauty industry have not been updated since 1938. This is reflected in extremely low standards. […] At Biossance, our goal is to raise the quality and performance standards for beauty products. Users will no longer have to choose between effective beauty treatments and the desire to protect the earth from destruction.”

About Amyris

The biotechnology company was originally founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and was set up as an Environmental Working Group (EWG), with the sole aim of protecting ecological systems. However, the project was then expanded to include vegan beauty products and their promotion.



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