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Burger King’s Million Dollar Whopper Campaign Features Customizable Impossible Whoppers

Burger King’s latest promotional venture, the Million Dollar Whopper Campaign, will feature the Impossible Burger patty, allowing the option to create 100% plant-based burgers as part of the contest. The campaign offers Burger King patrons the opportunity to design their ultimate Whopper, with the chance to win a $1 million prize.

The contest, which is open for entries through March 17, encourages participants to explore over 200,000 possible combinations to create their dream Whopper. For the first time, customers can opt for the Impossible Burger patty, enabling the creation of entirely plant-based versions of the popular sandwich.

Participants can submit their unique Whopper designs via Burger King’s website or the BK App, utilizing a Royal Perks account. Each submission will be transformed by artificial intelligence (AI) into a visual preview, complete with a personalized jingle and thematic background. These AI-generated representations can then be shared across social media platforms.

Burger King million dollar whopper contest
© Burger King

Three finalists will be chosen to refine their Whopper creations at Burger King’s headquarters in Miami, with the winning sandwich being featured on menus nationwide. The public will have a say in the final decision, voting for their favorite creation and ultimately determining the recipient of the $1 million prize.

Peter McGuinness, President and CEO of Impossible Foods, announced the campaign on social media, which debuted with the Million Dollar Whopper pop-up in Santa Monica this weekend.

Expanding accessibility of plant-based products

Impossible Foods’ recent initiatives have been aimed at expanding the availability and accessibility of its products as McGuinness outlined the need to shift the narrative of plant-based options from “insulting to inviting.” This includes the company’s recent partnership with US Army Central to serve plant-based options to overseas troops and the introduction of Impossible burgers to students in Florida school districts.

McGuinness expressed his gratitude for Impossible’s inclusion: “Thank you to the team at Burger King for making the Impossible Whopper part of this national campaign.”

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