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Daiya Launches New Campaign Encouraging Consumers to “Enjoy the Unexpected”

Daiya Foods is the latest vegan food company to branch out in terms of advertising; last week we reported that TV campaigning is on the rise in the plantbased world and is being currently used as a tactic by brands including Beyond Meat, Meatless Farm, Dr. Praeger’s, and Iglo.

The plant-based food company which specializes in ‘cheesy’ products and claims to be the number one North American brand in its sector, has launched a campaign that aims to change the way consumers perceive animal-free foods. By inviting them to Enjoy the Unexpected, Daiya’s new campaign invites consumers to forget what they think they know about the taste of plant-based foods and instead, give them a try.

Currently, many plant-based food companies are ramping up their efforts in targeting meat-reducers through mainstream media and advertising. The pandemic has shined a spotlight on the issues caused by our food systems, opening the door to huge marketing potential in the animal-free sector. It’s a great time for plant-based foods to come alive in modern media, since lockdowns began consumers are at home more and are increasingly trying vegan brands in an effort to be more sustainable and healthy.

Watch the Daiya ad here

In April this year, we reported that Daiya had vastly expanded its product range, this timing coming shortly after the beginning of lockdown began thus giving the advantage of the rise in consumption of plant-based foods during that period.

Recently we have seen bold marketing strategies with The Meatless Farm in the UK particularly standing out in recent months. In terms of TV ads, Big Meat and Big Dairy have been featured on our screens for decades, so now at this crucial time, we salute these brands for going for the jugular in terms of advertising and doing their best to change consumer minds about plant-based foods.

Daiya commented in a statement: “Despite the growing popularity of plant-based products, many people still assume vegan cheeses will taste bad before even trying them. Which is why Daiya highlights its new and improved Cutting Board Collection Shreds with this campaign, as they feature the best taste, texture and flavour of any Daiya Shred. So whether you’re seeking a crispy, cheesy pizza, the nostalgic comfort of a grilled cheese, or a loaded plate of melty nachos, Daiya will be sure to delight your taste buds.”

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