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Birds Eye Relaunches Green Cuisine Brand With £4.4M Ad Campaign

Frozen foods giant Birds Eye is relaunching its meat-free Green Cuisine brand in the UK, with new packaging and a £4.4 million ad campaign.

The rebrand takes place as Birds Eye reports a 2.9% increase in Green Cuisine sales compared to the same time last year, with 6.6% of Brits having bought the brand in this time period.

Titled Welcome to the Plant Age, the campaign features cartoon kids encouraging viewers to make more sustainable choices. It includes TV ads and in-store promotions, as well as PR and OOH advertising. The brand will also roll out new, brightly coloured packaging next month.

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Green Cuisine’s success in Europe & UK

Initially launching back in 2019 with a £2 million TV ad campaign, Green Cuisine now offers a wide range of alt meat and alt fish products in the UK. Most recently, the brand launched Battered Fishless Fillets, following the success of its Fishless Fingers last year.

In 2021, Green Cuisine also introduced three chicken alternatives — Burgers, Crispy Grills, and Southern Fried Grills. Other products in the range include meatballs, beef-style burgers, and vegetable fingers.

Under the Iglo banner in mainland Europe, Green Cuisine initially launched in Germany then expanded into 12 countries in mainland Europe back in 2020, creating a retail footprint of over 25,000 supermarkets with a product range including burgers, falafel, veggie fingers and chicken-free nuggets, dips and strips.

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“Our new brand platform plays off the insight that choosing plant-based foods can sometimes feel like a compromise, even though there are so many benefits to including more meat alternatives within our diets,” said Elle Barker, Marketing Director at Green Cuisine.

“Our vision is to make a flexitarian diet accessible to all, and with the help of new animated characters who challenge the way we think, Green Cuisine can demonstrate just how easy, delicious, and nutritious it can be to incorporate plant-based options into everyday meals.”

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