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Heavy Metal Act Rammstein Stars in 5 Minute Warhol-Style Pro Vegan Video

Plant-based meat company LikeMeat recently released an extraordinary food performance film featuring German musician Till Lindemann (Rammstein). With the art movie, LikeMeat wants to draw attention to the global and ever-growing Veganuary movement and motivate people to go vegan this January (video below).

The plant-based meat company’s food performance film features Till Lindemann eating a plant-based burger with vegan chicken made of soy protein from LikeMeat, which was acquired by The LIVEKINDLY Co.

Vegan interpretation of an iconic art performance

In the plant-based meat company’s food performance film, Till Lindemann can be seen eating a plant-based burger with vegan chicken made with soy protein from LikeMeat. In the film, the self-confessed meat lover shows that the plant-based alternatives to meat taste good and that eating them does not mean giving up anything. That’s because both the taste and texture of the plant-based meats are just like conventional meat. “Looks like meat, tastes like meat – but isn’t meat. And tastes really good!”

In the making of the film, the lead actor had creative freedom to bring in his own artistic approaches. The food performance is inspired by the legendary 1982 art film “Andy Warhol eating a Hamburger” by Jørgen Leth, in which the world-famous pop artist can be seen eating a classic hamburger.

“We are thrilled to have Till join our campaign. He is the ideal partner for us for this project. His approach, attention to detail and creativity are unmistakable in our art movie,” explains Karola Kentner-Schütz, Head of Marketing at LikeMeat GmbH. “With the film, we want to make clear that it is absolutely important to create alternatives to meat – both for the sake of our own health and to protect our planet and the animals.”

“I had the great pleasure of working with a wonderfully diverse artist on this film, while at the same time contributing to a healthy lifestyle. In that respect: most awesome job ever!” reveals Andreas Waldschütz, director of LikeMeat’s food performance film. “Working with Till was an easy task. His performance was on point: not too much, not too little – but above all, absolutely authentic.”

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