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Impossible Foods’ New Ad Campaign Aims to “Solve the Meat Problem with More Meat”

Impossible Foods has unveiled a large-scale marketing campaign alongside its recently refreshed brand identity. The campaign targets meat-eating consumers with a compelling message about the sustainability and benefits of plant-based meats. Under the tagline “We’re solving the meat problem with more meat,” the campaign challenges the deep-rooted habits of meat consumers. 

“Meat’s got a big problem. It’s too good. We humans love it too much”

Central to this campaign is a straightforward assessment of meat’s environmental and health impact. According to Impossible Foods, “Meat’s got a big problem. It’s too good. We humans love it too much. And we can’t stop eating it, even though we’re told that eating too much of it is bad for our bodies and will eventually cause us to run out of water and land while filling up our air with carbon emissions. Somehow, none of that seems to matter, because meat is just too delicious to eat less of it.”

Impossible Foods marketing campaign
© Impossible Foods

Making plant-based meat approachable

The campaign debuted with a 30-second commercial during the “Live from E!: Met Gala” broadcast, using traditional American imagery like backyard BBQs and hot dog contests to appeal to meat lovers. This approach is designed to make the idea of plant-based meat more accessible and appealing by embedding it in familiar culinary traditions.

This marketing initiative also includes shorter, product-focused advertisements aimed at broadening consumer familiarity with Impossible’s range of plant-based beef, chicken, and pork products. The company’s strategy aims to expand its image beyond that of a burger brand, establishing itself as a comprehensive alternative meat brand.

Impossible Foods is integrating campaign content across all consumer touchpoints, from influencer partnerships to in-store promotions and digital, shoppable recipes. The campaign is also visible across major urban centers like New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta through hundreds of digital and physical ad placements, including billboards, electric vehicle charging stations, and buses.

Impossible Foods marketing campaign
© Impossible Foods

Campaign’s vision

Chief Marketing and Creative Officer at Impossible Foods, Leslie Sims, further explains the rationale behind the campaign: “Meat eaters have historically shrugged at meat from plants as something that’s not for them – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We see this campaign as a way to let meat eaters know Impossible meat is the best way to keep eating meat you love, just without a lot of the problems associated with animal meat. Whether you’re a vegan, hardcore meat eater, or somewhere in between, we have you covered. The more believers we bring on board, the better the planet will be.”

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