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Key Moments for Plant-Based Promotions: Christmas

Christmas is one of many end-of-year celebrations that revolve around food, and probably the most lucrative for businesses in the food industry. For companies looking to target the ever-growing number of consumers eating plant-based products, engaging with Christmas should be integral to your Q4 strategy.

ProVeg International recently published an article – the third of a special three-part series – that shares actionable insights for engaging with plant-based consumers at Christmas.

The article begins by taking a look at consumer involvement and shopping habits during Christmas time. Research shows that people are often willing to spend more money on food during December, with the average Italian family budgeting the highest amount in Europe for food at Christmas time, averaging €220 compared to the rest of Europe’s €‎132. 

Christmas food and decorations
Image courtesy ProVeg International

So, what do these people eat during the winter holidays? Animal meat, whether fish, poultry, or furred, is a large part of Christmas dinners around the world, though the type of meat varies depending on the country.

However, as flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan populations increase globally, we are starting to see more consumers opting for plant-based options at Christmas meals – and producers and retailers need to take note. Indeed, in the UK, Tesco’s Annual Christmas Report recently found that a quarter (25%) of British households will be catering for vegan (6%), vegetarian (14%), or plant-based (5%) guests this year. Though, among 18-to-34-year-olds, the number of people catering to these guests has risen from 33% to 37% in the last year.

vegan Christmas food
© Waitrose

When it comes to buying plant-based festive food and drink items, the top three most important factors cited by consumers are taste, followed by price, and affordability. 

Importantly, consumers want indulgence and familiarity – something that is similar to the traditional foods they are used to eating at winter feasts. So producers and retailers need to work together to ensure that their plant-based Christmas offerings appeal to consumers’ taste demands, and achieve price parity with animal-based options. 

To learn more about consumers’ festive preferences, read ProVeg’s full article here. You can also get in touch with ProVeg at [email protected] to take full advantage of their expertise in plant-based strategy.

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