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Lewis Hamilton Negotiating with Mercedes Benz to Stop Using Leather

MERCEDEZ-BENZ may stop the use of leather after speaking with Lewis Hamilton about the possibility of manufacturing cars with animal-free interiors. The move is the latest in a line of actions from the Formula 1 star to promote veganism; this October Hamilton encouraged his social media followers to go vegan for the planet.

Hamilton commented in an interview with Malaysian publication Options that he is pushing for sustainability within his Formula One team and is trying to promote eco consciousness. “Mercedes-Benz is a huge organisation,” Hamilton continued. I have got a phone call with the CEO later today to discuss how we can work on getting rid of all the leather supplied to the cars. That is something I want to be involved in.”

He added, “I want to be part of a system that is going to help heal the world and do something positive for the future.”

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