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LoveRaw to Launch Major Billboard Campaign to Promote Vegan Faux Snickers Bar

This summer, UK chocolate brand LoveRaw will launch what it describes as its biggest OOH advertising campaign yet, promoting the brand’s new plant-based faux Snickers bar.

With advertisements on billboards, bus stops, and more, the campaign will feature slogans such as “When we said we were making a plant-based one, they all sn:ckered at us” and “Don’t sn:cker because it’s plant-based”. LoveRaw hopes that the ads will reach millions of consumers.

The new bar launched last month and consists of roasted peanuts, nougat, and caramel, all coated in LoveRaw’s signature vegan milk chocolate. It is free of palm oil and artificial ingredients.

Other LoveRaw chocolates include Nutty Choc Balls, Cre&m Wafer Bars, Peanut Butter Cups, and M:lk Chocolate Bars. The brand has attributed much of its success to the products’ similarity to traditional chocolates.

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Taking on the food industry

LoveRaw is one of several plant-based brands to take on the food industry through bold ad campaigns. Another example is France’s La Vie, which successfully lobbied Burger King to offer its plant-based bacon and later took out tongue-in-cheek billboards in Haarlem, Netherlands, after the city banned the public promotion of animal meat.

Others include Oumph! — which offered a “human burger” to show that it is possible to create a plant-based version of any meat — and Eat Just, which took advantage of egg shortages in the US to point out that its products were still in stock because “plants don’t get the flu”.

“A billboard campaign has always been an ambition for us, and it has been amazing to see the teams’ creative ideas come to life as part of our most exciting product launch yet,” said Rimi Thapar, co-founder of LoveRaw. “This activation brings us closer to our mission of making plant-based chocolate more widely accessible, for those who are plant-based, flexitarian, or just wanting to make some sustainable choices.”

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