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LoveRaw Releases Mockumentary to “Give Two Fingers to Big Choc”

  • LoveRaw releases mockumentary featuring “classic chocolate heroes” from the 80s and 90s.

British plant-based chocolate brand LoveRaw has launched its biggest marketing campaign yet, asking the UK to “Give Two Fingers to Big Choc”.

At the heart of the campaign is a mockumentary featuring three characters created by major chocolate brands — The Kid, The Man, and The Gorilla. The mockumentary asks “Where are they now?”, showing the characters abandoned by the brands that created them until LoveRaw adopts them and gives them a new lease of life.

© LoveRaw

LoveRaw has created Instagram and LinkedIn profiles for each character, allowing consumers to follow their journey. The mockumentary is available to view on the LoveRaw website, and will be showcased via a billboard campaign, social media, digital advertising, public relations, and influencer marketing. 

“Delicious chocolate that just so happens to be vegan”

On January 4, LoveRaw launched its new M:lk Chocolate Bars with huge success — both the first and second productions sold out within a few days. At around the same time, LoveRaw’s Cre&m Wafer Bar was named one of the best plant-based chocolates of 2022 by The Independent. The brand then announced a collaboration with Doughnut Time to produce a vegan doughnut topped with the wafer bar.

loveraw doughnut time
© Doughnut Time UK

While many brands struggled during the pandemic, LoveRaw saw sales skyrocket. With the new advertising campaign, the company hopes to emphasise that its chocolate is for everyone, not just plant-based eaters.

“At LoveRaw we make delicious chocolate, that just so happens to be vegan,” said Manav Thapar, Co-Founder at LoveRaw. “This campaign is the biggest we’ve done to date, with billboard advertising, PR, social media, digital advertising and influencer marketing. We’re sure it will help to drive awareness and consideration of the brand and support the release of our new M:lk Choc Bars.”

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