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NotCo Launches Innovative AR Campaign to Challenge Perceptions of Animal-Based Food Logos

Food-tech company NotCo, recognized for its use of AI to craft plant-based alternatives, has launched an innovative campaign titled “Not So Happy Animals.” This initiative aims to challenge the presence of seemingly joyous animal logos in the fast-food industry, shedding light on the often overlooked realities behind these symbols.

“Many people don’t understand the process that goes behind the food they eat every day; this campaign gives a glimpse into that”

The campaign, debuting today across the United States and Mexico, employs Augmented Reality (AR) technology, creating an immersive and interactive experience for users. By visiting on their mobile devices, consumers can scan animal logos they encounter in various public spaces. The AR technology is designed to recognize and animate logos featuring animals, ranging from well-known brands like Chick-fil-A to smaller establishments such as Mr. C’s Fried Chicken and Waffles.

Once scanned, these logos are transformed through AR, with the animals narrating their stories in the form of catchy songs, showcasing the stark contrast between the portrayed happiness of these animals and the actual reality of their existence. The campaign seeks to educate consumers about the often unseen processes behind the food they consume daily while also “trolling some major food brands,” according to the company.

NotCo Not So Happy Animals
© NotCo

Starting a proactive dialogue

A representative from NotCo told vegconomist, “Many people don’t understand the process that goes behind the food they eat every day; this campaign gives a glimpse into that. We hope that we can start a proactive dialogue around the source of our food and urge consumers to make informed choices.”

NotCo’s “Not So Happy Animals” campaign is part of a larger effort to shift the conventional narrative around food consumption, providing an example of how technology and creative marketing can play a role in educating consumers on the ethical implications of their choices. The AR animation finishes with a promotion for NotCo, urging users to try a plant-based meal with a link to the company’s products

NotCo has also released a promotion video for the campaign on its YouTube channel, which you can view here.

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