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OLALA! Unveils New Brand Design for Alt Seafood That “Breaks Through Ordinary Taste Experiences”

French plant-based seafood startup OLALA! has collaborated with Scandinavian consumer branding and design agency Everland to develop a new brand design centred around taste.

While many plant-based brands focus their marketing on the ethics of their products, OLALA! believes taste is the key to repeat purchases. The startup aims to “break through ordinary taste experiences” with products aimed at all gourmet foodies, not just vegans.

The new brand design takes inspiration from bistros, with an off-white colour that resembles a tablecloth, eye-catching golden illustrations, and the O in the logo suggesting a plate. The brand name is inspired by the French phrase “Oh là là”, indicating a pleasant surprise.

“When nearly all competitors focus on rationality and sustainability, we focus on the emotional aspects of having a great meal. Desires and tastes make for a much more robust platform,” said Mads Hauge Lindum, Senior Brand Strategist at Everland.


“Creating lasting change”

OLALA! has developed a range of alternatives to salmon, tuna, and the Greek fish roe dip taramasalata. The plant-based salmon is available raw and in smoked cubes, smoked slices, and flakes, while the tuna alternative is available raw and in crumbles.

All the fish alternatives are fortified with algae-derived omega-3s, with the aim of achieving a similar nutritional content to fish; OLALA! is currently working with startups and researchers to further increase the omega-3 content of its products. Other ingredients in the seafood alternatives include pea protein and rapeseed oil.

“We want to make waves, “ said Simon Ferniot, CEO and co-founder at OLALA!. “We’re here to challenge the market but do it sustainably. Everland helped build a platform for breaking through the ordinary and creating lasting change for the better.”

OLALA! is one of ten startups that will be pitching at Plant FWD in Amsterdam from April 23-24.

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