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Silk Nextmilk Wins Over Thousands of Dairy Fans at Minnesota State Fair

Plant-based milk brand Silk recently attended the Minnesota State Fair to offer samples of Nextmilk, a “dairy-like” beverage created to offer the same taste and texture as traditional cow’s milk. 

“The taste and consistency mimics the milk from a cow”

Silk, which is owned by Danone, states it was the only plant-based brand providing samples at the event, which ranks as the largest state fair in the US by average daily attendance. The company sampled Nextmilk to over 44,000 attendees over 5 days – equating to 12 people per minute –  and reports that 90% of tasters submitted highly positive feedback. 

Silk Launches NextMilk Dairy Lovers

According to Silk, reviewers praised Nextmilk’s creamy taste and texture, and admired the product for being lactose-free. Silk’s presence at the fair is even more noteworthy considering dairy is a top agricultural product in the state, and items like cheese curds and milkshakes are some of the event’s most popular foods. 

“If I sampled this side by side with whole dairy milk, I wouldn’t know which was which unless you told me,” one reviewer shared. “The taste and consistency mimics the milk from a cow!”

Deconstructing dairy

Silk introduced Nextmilk in January 2022 to appeal to consumers who still prefer the taste of cow’s milk over alternatives. Designed to replicate the exact sensory experience of dairy milk, Nextmilk is available in Original and Reduced Fat varieties and contains 30% fewer calories than cow’s milk. It also offers six key nutrients, including Vitamin D, calcium, Vitamin A, B12, riboflavin and phosphorus. According to Danone North America,  the product required extensive analysis and testing to develop. 

Brightseed Danone
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Ealier this year, John Starkey, president of plant-based food and beverages for Danone North America, commented, “Some consumers remain skeptical about plant-based food and beverages due to taste and texture, but Silk Nextmilk is on a mission to change that. We deconstructed dairy to create this revolutionary product that delivers the taste and texture we think dairy drinkers will love. Thanks to Silk Nextmilk—a true category game changer—we’re confident dairy lovers will want to cross the aisle.”

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