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The Ministry of Mylk Wants You! Alt Dairy Brands Urged to Mirror Big Dairy Tactics

With the industry reflecting on Oatly’s recent $2.12 billion IPO, a new global marketing community for alt dairy has launched with a rallying cry for companies to come together and emulate the techniques of big dairy. Known as the Ministry of Mylk, the new marketing community is on a mission to help grow alt-dairy products and brands.

“For years, national and international dairy associations have existed to help bolster the fortunes of the global dairy industry”

By encouraging alt dairy players to join forces to accelerate the pace of change, Ministry of Mylk is looking for brands to join membership and benefit from the collective marketing opportunities that come with being part of a wider community. Based in London, but with a global reach, Ministry of Mylk aims to give brands a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, just as global dairy associations do to help bolster the fortunes of big dairy. 

With these groups often receiving government subsidies into the millions, such big dairy associations are able to fund marketing campaigns to promote the supposed benefits of animal dairy, as well as foment plant-based censorship such as the recently rejected amendment 171 in the EU. 

Adrian Dinsdale Ministry of Mylk
CEO Adrian Dinsdale ©Ministry of Mylk

Ministry of Mylk’s CEO Adrian Dinsdale believes that although alt dairy has gained “substantial ground on its old-fashioned rival”, the reality is that the market is still fully in the shadow of big dairy. “Dairy alternatives still account for only a small percentage of sales in most markets”, says Dinsdale, insisting that more can be done to accelerate their growth by mirroring the approach of big dairy.

“For years, national and international dairy associations have existed to help bolster the fortunes of the global dairy industry. At Ministry of Mylk, we felt it was time that a community existed for the world’s great alt-dairy brands that could mirror the techniques that the dairy industry has been using for decades and provide a forum for networking and knowledge-sharing in an environment of mutual respect and understanding,” added Dinsdale.



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