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Three Golden Rules for Front-of-Pack Messaging

Packaging, particularly front-of-pack messaging, plays an integral part of your overall marketing and, if done correctly, will draw in flexitarians to buy and try your product.

ProVeg International has recently published an informative article detailing the three golden rules for front-of-pack messaging, which will help to draw in flexitarian consumers, boost profits and promote the plant-based cause.

ProVeg NFH Richmond sausages
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These three key rules are:

  • Make sure to use indulgent language whilst emphasising taste, convenience, health, and familiarity in both your messaging and your imagery. 
  • Opt for ‘plant-based’ over ‘vegan’ in your wording, but consider getting V-label certified to increase credibility and consumer confidence.
  • Consider promoting your product’s sustainability metrics on front-of-pack to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. 

Let’s take a closer look at the first recommendation…

When designing your front-of-pack labels, make sure to emphasise taste, familiarity, convenience, and health. Yes, flexitarians value health, but they also don’t want to miss out, so indulgent messaging is important too. 

Images are a handy tool to illustrate familiarity to the flexitarian consumer. Most consumer behaviour is subconscious, which means your product’s packaging has to connect with the instinctual part of a shopper’s mind. One way to achieve this is to make your plant-based packaging mimic the packaging of the traditional, animal-based product as closely as possible.

Richmond Meatfree

When it comes to indulgence, data from Innova shows that indulgent descriptors on products have increased by 34% between 2019 and 2021 – showing that brands like Richmond are taking innovative steps to successfully target flexitarian consumers with their on-pack messaging.

If you’d like to find more detail on how to prioritise indulgent messaging on front-of-pack, check out the full article here, where you can also find information on the other golden rules alongside useful case studies. If you’d like to find similar articles on how best to market your plant-based product, check out ProVeg’s full range of articles on the New Food Hub website.

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