AMSilk Moves to New Site, Will Produce “Game Changing” Vegan Silk at Industrial Scale

AMSilk, a German producer of bio-based silk alternatives, is relocating to new headquarters at Campus Neuried in Munich.

Campus Neuried is a laboratory and office space development for companies across various industries. AMSilk’s purpose-built headquarters will cover over 2000m2 at the site, featuring pilot plants alongside biotech labs and offices. The footprint is three times the size of the company’s previous office space.

“AMSilk is focused on breaking down limitations and boundaries”

The new site will support AMSilk in expanding beyond Europe and scaling up production, as the company works to produce several thousand tons of fibres per year within the next three to five years. AMSilk’s fibres are vegan, fully biodegradable, and produced only with renewable plant-based raw materials.

© AMSilk

AMSilk applications

While the fashion industry is the most obvious application for vegan silk, AMSilk also has potential uses in other industries. In January, Mercedes-Benz chose AMSilk’s Biosteel fibre for the door pulls on a new concept car. The following month, a study found that AMSilk’s spider silk coatings could prevent inflammation and reduce post-operative complications of some surgeries.

“AMSilk is focused on breaking down limitations and boundaries by providing bio-bettering solutions on an industrial scale, improving products, and creating a positive impact on the environment across various industries,” said Ulrich Scherbel, Chief Executive Officer at AMSilk. “The move to our new offices, with improved technological equipment, a unique proximity to the enlarged laboratory, and specially designed pilot plants, enable the growing team of leading experts and top industry professionals to satisfy customer needs faster and better.”

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