Australia’s Plant Forged Physique Launches Vegan Weightlifting Belts

Plant Forged Physique, an Australian brand offering vegan fitness gear, supplements, and apparel, has launched a new line of vegan weightlifting belts.

According to the company, ethical weightlifting belts were previously almost impossible to find. Made from synthetic vegan leather and microsuede, the new belts provide powerlifters, bodybuilders, and gym-goers with core support during intensive strength training.

The material is reportedly easier to clean and maintain than leather, while also being less prone to moisture damage. The belts are available in five colours — Forest Camo, Khaki, Pink, Sky Blue, and Snow Leopard.

© Plant Forged Physique

“Achieving goals without compromise”

As more athletes adopt a vegan lifestyle, companies are increasingly offering ethical alternatives to sports gear and apparel that may traditionally be made with animal-derived materials. For example, Adidas partnered with Desserto in 2021 to develop boxing gloves made from cactus leather, while Sokito offers vegan-certified football boots. Last year, former professional footballer Michael Doughty launched Hylo, a vegan sportswear brand specialising in running shoes.

Plant Forged Physique was founded by Caitlin Adler, a vegan coach, sports nutritionist, and medal-winning IFBB athlete. The company provides nutrition and training support to plant-based athletes, and also offers a range of protein products, supplements, and sportswear via its online store.

Speaking about the new launch, Adler said, “I had to buy an animal leather belt to keep up my training. There weren’t any vegan weightlifting belts available. So we set out to create them. We want to empower individuals to achieve their goals without compromising on quality or values.”

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