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Introducing Cultivated X: The B2B News Magazine About Cellular Agriculture

vegconom GmbH – publisher of leading business magazine for the plant-based market, vegconomist – announces its latest online publication with the launch of new B2B news platform, Cultivated X

Cultivated X is a new B2B magazine focused on cellular agriculture, covering global news and developments in the cell-cultured space, encompassing foods and beverages; materials; policies, laws and regulations; technologies; companies, startups and people; and more.

The target readership of the English-language trade magazine will be decision-makers with a vested interest in being informed, quickly and comprehensively, about the background and progress of the rapidly developing market for the cellular production of ingredients and products traditionally produced with the use of animals.

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According to leading experts, these emerging production methods will disrupt factory farming within the next few decades. Peter Link, founder of vegconomist and key initiator of the Cultivated X project, emphasizes: “Cell-cultured food production has an almost inexhaustible potential to supply the rapidly growing world population with high-quality proteins – without the need for animals to suffer.”

Addressing the impact of animal agriculture

In cellular agriculture, animal and plant stem cells are multiplied (“cultivated”) in the laboratory, and in some cases already on an industrial scale, in order to produce a variety of products without animal suffering. Utilizing techniques like tissue engineering, fermentation, and biotechnology, this approach aims to address the environmental, ethical, and health issues associated with conventional animal agriculture by offering sustainable and animal-friendly alternatives. Key areas within cellular agriculture include cell-cultured (or lab-grown) meat, precision fermentation-derived dairy proteins, and biofabricated materials like leather.

This sector has garnered significant interest for its potential to revolutionize food production, reduce environmental impact, and meet growing food demands without compromising animal welfare or ecosystem health.

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Aside from the advantages in terms of climate protection and animal suffering, these technologies are extremely interesting from an economic point of view, as demonstrated by the investments made by notable figures such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson in corresponding startups.

And, of course, large food companies such as PHW (Wiesenhof), Nestlé, Migros, Hydrosol, Merck, Wacker Chemie, ADM, Upside Foods, Eat Just, and The Cultivated B have been active in this market for some years now. Billions are being invested worldwide in the research and development of new cell-cultivated foods. The first products have even been authorized for human consumption in the USA, Singapore, and, more recently, in Israel.

Cell-ag from a business perspective

“Cultivated X aims to accompany this development from a business perspective. It is a cross-sectional magazine that informs decision-makers about products, production processes and systems, solutions, technologies, partnerships, research results, investments, acceptance studies, ethical aspects, artificial intelligence, approval frameworks, people, companies and organizations,” says Peter Link. He adds: “We are starting with a large news archive with over 800 reports – and more will be added every working day. In addition, we will initially send out one newsletter per week”.

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Cultivated X thus offers companies and organizations numerous opportunities to increase their visibility and awareness and to position themselves as a relevant brand in the booming business environment at an early stage.

Cultivated X is developed and run by the team at vegconomist, the leading vegan business magazine, which has been focusing on topics relating to the plant-based economy for more than five years, is published in three languages and has 200,000 business readers at executive level in over 190 countries.

Further information: www.cultivated-x.com

>> Click here to go to Cultivated X where you will see a familiar layout and a focus solely on content regarding cellular agriculture, including fermentation-enabled products, and with more granular categories.

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