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Introducing Nadja Schulte, New Head of Sales and Media Solutions

It’s time for a review: vegconomist has seen tremendous growth since its inception in the summer of 2018; more than 14,000 articles in four languages (at our German, French, Spanish platforms as well as here in Global) are online and can be viewed for free at any time. Readership will soon reach the 200,000 mark.

In addition, the number of newsletter subscribers is also rising continuously, meaning our news regarding plant-based and cell-based business now reaches over 190 countries around the world.

This upswing is not only due to the editors and staff, but also to the numerous partners and sponsors. No surprise that the vegconomist team around Editor-in-Chief Peter Link has been searching for another team member in order to attend to customer concerns and to run advertising campaigns professionally and proactively. Nadja Schulte has joined the crew precisely for this reason: being a convinced vegan with international experience in e-commerce and project management, she knows about work organization, technical implementation, and customer focus.

Nadja Schulte is the contact person for international customers speaking French, English or German. The new Head of Sales and Media Solutions will provide solutions for a wide range of requests, thus contributing significantly to the growth of vegconomist. She herself considers this to be “a matter close to her heart”, indeed “one of the most meaningful tasks of our time, as the revolution in nutritional and consumer behaviour can only take place if people are offered innovative, simply gorgeous products”.

Working at the only global vegan business magazine means an obvious break in Nadja’s curriculum vitae – away from large-scaling projects and a “higher, faster, further” mentality, straight to innovation and communication within veganism, sustainability, and animal welfare. By breaking up with her former career, Nadja Schulte is following a trend, as you see in the increasing number of sustainable job offers in the recent past. Vegconomist is delighted to see the team growing.



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