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21st.BIO Opens Access to its Large-Scale Production Platform for Animal-Free Dairy Proteins

21st.BIO, a Danish bioproduction firm offering integrated end-to-end services, announces that it is granting access to its precision fermentation technology platform to produce animal-free dairy proteins. The new service aims to offer ingredient manufacturers, from startups to leading companies, cost-effective solutions to accelerate the development of sustainable dairy proteins at a competitive cost. 21st.BIO states it has the industry’s most advanced precision fermentation technology platform for large-scale production. Its fermentation technology is partly licensed from Novonesis (a merger of Novozymes and Chr. Hansen Holding), which has developed its platform over several decades to produce food-grade ingredients. Thomas Schmidt, CEO of 21st.BIO, comments: “We founded 21st.BIO with one simple mission: to make precision fermentation technology accessible to as many companies as possible, so they can successfully take their …


AMSilk and 21st.BIO join forces to scale silk protein materials production.

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AMSilk and 21st.BIO Forge Alliance to Scale Bioproduced Spider Silk Proteins “From Kilos to Tons”

German Biotech AMSilk GmbH announces a partnership with the Danish bioproduction leader 21st.BIO, to accelerate the production of advanced bioproduced spider silk proteins to meet the growing demand for sustainable material solutions. As part of the collaboration, 21st.BIO has developed precision-fermented microorganisms that can be used to produce silk proteins on an industrial scale. According to 21st.BIO, the new strain ensures the extracellular expression of silk proteins while enabling biomanufacturing at unprecedented productivity levels, supporting higher yield, greater efficiency, and reduced production costs.  Gudrun Vogtentanz, CSO at AMSilk, shares: “Through 21st.BIO, we now have access to more efficient production strains, which are a game changer in terms of the efficiency and sustainability of our feedstock. Moving production quantities from kilos to tons brings AMSilk’s technology to the next …