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Japan: Demand for Healthy Alternatives to Animal Products Fuels Vegan Food Market

While still considered a niche market compared to European countries, growing awareness of health and wellness and sustainability concerns are driving the growth of the vegan food market in Japan. The Japanese vegan food market is projected to exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% during 2023-2028, according to the IMARC Group, a leading US market research company. Although Japanese cuisine is already considered healthy, Japanese consumers seek healthier options for animal products to improve their well-being and prevent lifestyle-related health issues, according to IMARC Group. Plant-based diets are associated with various health benefits, including reduced risk of chronic diseases, weight management, and slowing the aging process. To cater to these consumers, long-established companies, such as the miso producer Marukome and the brown rice company …



Egg Alternatives

Egg Alternatives Gaining Traction in Japan as Poultry Egg Prices Continue to Rise

A recent article published by Japan News describes the increase in popularity of egg substitutes in the country, citing the rising cost of poultry eggs as the primary driver. “A survey conducted in May by Teikoku Databank Ltd. found that 29 of the 100 major restaurant operators had withdrawn egg-based menu items […] The trend of rising egg prices may continue for a prolonged period, so it’s crucial for restaurant operators to develop alternative menus,” state the authors. Clearly this situation represents a huge opportunity for producers of more sustainable, animal-free alternatives in Japan. There are a few producers currently on the Japanese market: Kewpie released HOBOTAMA, a soy-based egg launched in 2021 for use in the Horeca channel; 2foods’ Ever Egg was introduced in …


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Op Ed: Yoshikazu Azuma, CEO of 2foods, On Japan’s Evolving Vegan Market

Yoshikazu Azuma, CEO of Tokyo’s 2foods, is soon to expand Japan’s number one, 100% plant-based fast-casual and CPG brand to the US, bringing its award-winning products including ramen, Japanese curry, gateau, cheesecakes, and doughnuts, to American consumers through newly established arm 2foods US. “We believe that plant-based food has enormous potential in Japan,” says the serial entrepreneur. The ongoing evolution of plant-based in Japan By Yoshikazu Azuma The plant-based food industry has been growing at an unprecedented pace in recent years, with Europe and the United States leading the way. However, Japan is still in its early stages of development in the plant-based market, and there is much potential for growth and expansion. Despite an increase in the number of restaurants serving plant-based foods and …


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Facts & Figures

Japan’s 2foods Receives Enterprise Award at VEGAN AWARDS 2022

TWO Inc. of Japan announces that its plant-based food brand 2foods has received the Enterprise Award at VEGAN AWARDS 2022, the most prestigious award in the vegan/plant-based foods industry in Japan. The award ceremony nominated 100 individuals, companies, and organizations in Japan’s plant-based industry and presented awards to those with the most outstanding contribution to the development of Japanese veganism. Nominees were selected across the fields of medicine, academia/sciences, cooking, animal welfare, yoga, health, environment, beauty, media, and more. 2foods was presented with the Enterprise Award in recognition of its commitment to the creation of a new vegan lifestyle, targeting the younger generation to make plant-based products appealing to the modern Japanese consumer and bringing about positive changes to the Japanese plant-based food market as …


Ever Egg

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Egg Alternatives

Japan’s First Plant-Based Egg “Ever Egg” Has Soft Fluffy Texture Which Producers Say Was Previously Impossible

Japan’s 2foods reports to vegconomist that it has joined forces with Kagome Co., Ltd., to launch 2foods Plant-Based Omurice. Omurice is a popular omelette based Japanese comfort food, and this product has been created with “Ever Egg”, a joint development between the two companies, said to be the first vegan egg in Japan. Ever Egg is a zero cholesterol product created with vegetable ingredients such as carrots and cannellini beans. Using a proprietary technology called the “Vegetable semi-ripening method”, whose patent is pending, the companies say they have achieved the “soft, fluffy texture similar to omelettes made from real eggs” in a way which they claim was previously not possible. 2foods Plant-Based Omurice is now available for pre-order on Makuake, a Japanese product launch platform …




Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

2Foods Raises $4.4 Million to Grow Plant-Based Food Business in Japan

TWO Inc., the company behind Japan’s plant-based food brand 2foods, reports to vegconomist it has raised USD 4.4 million in Series A from Kagome Corporation, Japan’s largest producer of processed tomato products, to accelerate growth for the plant-based processed food business. Following news from Japan that the alt-meat market is beginning to take off since its government declared it an “important sector” in 2020, Tokyo-based well-being business TWO entered the vegan food market by launching its plant-based food brand called 2foods with around 60 types of plant-based foods, desserts, and drinks. Kagome Corporation is a strategic partner to build a business foundation for TWO’s plant-based brand 2foods, as it holds a dominant position in Japan and Asia with 60% of the Japanese domestic market share …