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Ready Burger Makes ‘World’s First’ 99p Vegan Burger Permanent

Ready Burger – the UK vegan fast-food chain – is set to make its 99p vegan burger a permanent menu item following a successful Veganuary. The move comes as research indicates a common misconception among consumers that vegan diets cost more, something Ready Burger is aiming to rectify.  After selling more than 2,000 plant-based burgers per week in January, the London-based brand is setting out on a mission to make vegan fast food accessible for everyone and claims to be already selling four times more than McDonald’s McPlant burger sold during its US pilot.   Ready Burger was founded by Max Miller and Adam Clark, opening its first location in Crouch End and a second on Finchley Road, with two more locations currently in the pipeline. …


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Ready Burger Launches 99p Plant Burger for Veganuary 

Ready Burger is to offer what could be the first-ever 99p plant burger for Veganuary 2022, after already launching what the founders say is the world’s cheapest plant burger, at £1.99 (around $2.65), in a mission to bring inexpensive plant-based fast-food to the UK high street.  “We won’t be stopping here though, we’ll be bringing more world firsts with exciting new menu items in 2022” Ready Burger was founded by Max Miller and Adam Clark, who opened the first location in London’s Crouch End in May this year and the second on Finchley Road in October. This July the company announced the close of a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, raising £2 million in an oversubscribed campaign, smashing the target £1.5M crowdfunder in hours. Currently, Ready …