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AKUA’s “Game-Changing” Kelp Burger to Hit US Grocery Stores

New York-based alternative meat company AKUA has teamed up with business development firm Next In Natural (NeNa) to bring its kelp-based burger to the retail market. “Harvesting kelp from clean waters as a regenerative carbon-reducing, plant-based superfood is a game-changer.” AKUA first launched what it claimed to be the first-ever plant-based burger made from kelp in May this year, though it has only been available to purchase online or at a select number of restaurants in the US. The burger is made of ocean-farmed seaweed, crimini mushrooms, pea protein, black beans, quinoa, and crushed tomatoes. AKUA Founder and CEO Courtney Boyd Myers said the firm was the “ideal partner” to help lead efforts to expand into grocery stores, pointing to NeNa’s experience with iconic brands …