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Abbot Kinney’s Launches Vegan Alternative to Skyr

Dutch company Abbot Kinney’s, a market leader in organic almond and coconut yogurts, milk, and ice creams, has launched an NPD within its yogurt category: the Skyr Protein Coconut, a vegan and ethical version of skyr.  Traditional skyr is consumed similarly to yogurt, although it is considered a whipped cheese due to its composition. The brand explains that its original version is made from skimmed animal milk and active bacteria that ferment it until it achieves its characteristic  thick and creamy texture. Abbot Kinney’s skyr provides seven grams of protein per 150g serving to compete with the traditional product. It also contains active ferments that are said to contribute to the microbiota balance. All its ingredients are 100% organic, and the product is free of …


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Ecotone: “We don’t See the Trend for Plant-Based Products as a Business Opportunity. It’s in our DNA”

Working across 7 key countries, with over 15 leading and purposeful brands that are over 80% organic, 95% vegetarian and all GMO free, France-based Ecotone is the largest international food company to fully become a B Corp. With biodiversity as its core value, Ecotone has over 30 years of experience in changing the industrial food system, which makes it well-positioned to promote the meat and dairy alternative movement. We talked with Ecotone CEO Christophe Barnouin to find out more about this purpose-driven company. Who is Ecotone? Ecotone is a mission-led business committed to charting an alternative path to the dominant, industrial food model that is damaging the planet. A European leader for organic and plant-based food, Ecotone was also the first and largest international food …