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France’s ACCRO Launches Six New Meat Alternatives, Including Escalope & Premium Burger

French alt meat brand ACCRO has expanded its range with six new products, all made with French-grown pea, wheat, and bean proteins. All six have received a Nutriscore rating of either A or B, and are manufactured in northern France using an entirely vertically-integrated process. This is said to guarantee high quality. The products are: Premium burger — Described as having a gourmet appearance and “tender angel hair texture”, this is a more premium version of ACCRO’s original plain and smoked burgers. Mince — Said to be ideal for use in dishes such as stuffed tomatoes, empanadas, lasagna, and shepherd’s pie. Escalope — Breaded plant-based turkey, suitable served as a filling in sandwiches and wraps or paired with vegetables. Chunks — A plant-based alternative to …