Primeval Foods Cultivated Tiger Steak

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Primeval Foods Holding Tasting Events For Cultivated Lion, Tiger and Zebra Meat in London & New York

Zebra sushi rolls, anyone? Primeval Foods, a UK cultivated meat startup, is aiming to explore an untapped and previously unavailable market through the cultivation of exotic meats, saying it plans to hold tasting events in both New York City and London in the coming months. Now officially launched, Primeval Foods – created by the London-based venture studio Ace Ventures – is looking to make “foods that carnivores will crave”.  Pending regulatory approvals, Primeval Foods states Michelin-starred restaurants will be the first channels for its cultivated exotic meats, with lion, tiger, and zebra all on the menu. The food-tech startup has also revealed plans to expand on a larger scale and into supermarket retail channels.  Cultivated meat in the UK Whilst Primeval Foods chase the exotic …