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Investments & Acquisitions

Adamo Foods Raises £1.5M for “Groundbreaking” Mycelium Steaks

British food tech startup Adamo Foods has secured £1.5 million in funding to bring its whole-cut mycelium steaks to market. The sum consists of pre-seed funding from SFC Capital and two major grants from the government agency Innovate UK. The grants were received following Adamo’s participation in the ‘Better Food for All’ and ‘Novel Low Emission Food Production Systems’ competitions. Adamo will use the capital to further develop and scale its products, including by biofortifying the nutrients in mycelium to replicate the nutritional benefits of beef. The company will also develop processes to increase production to a pilot scale as it prepares to launch. The news comes after Adamo showcased its technology at the International Cellular Agriculture conference in Helsinki, which took place from June …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

6 Innovators Disrupting Steak With Plants in Europe

Following our recent article on the steak alternatives available in North America, we take a look at the innovative brands disrupting steak in Europe. Not so long ago, most meat alternatives were limited to minced products such as sausages and burgers. But with technology progressing at an astonishing rate, consumers can now enjoy a range of whole-cut products, making it easier than ever to avoid meat. Here we give six examples of steak made from plants, currently available on the European market, and one more that is soon to arrive. 1. Vivera In 2018, Dutch brand Vivera became one of the first producers worldwide to launch plant-based steak. The product made its debut at UK supermarket chain Tesco, where 40,000 were sold in a single …


Adamo Foods develops steaks made from fungi

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Investments & Acquisitions

Adamo Foods Raises $620K For Ultra-Realistic Steaks Made From Fungi

UK-based food tech company Adamo Foods has secured $620,000 to further develop its meat-free steaks made from fungi. The new funding comes from three separate organisations. The first is the UK government’s research and innovation department, Innovate UK, which awarded Adamo one of its highly competitive Smart Grants. Adamo then went on to receive investment from venture capital fund Beeches Group. Finally, the company received further funding after being selected as the winner of the SHAKE Climate Change 2022 competition, which aims to support sustainable food innovations. Adamo produces its clean label steaks from mycelium (the root structure of fungi) using a proprietary fermentation process. Mycelium has a naturally fibrous, muscle-like texture, and is a rich source of protein and fibre. Mycelium-based whole cuts Worldwide, …


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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Adamo Foods: Sustainable Whole Cut Steaks Made From Fungi

UK-based company Adamo Foods has developed whole-cut steaks made entirely from mycelium, the root structure of fungi. According to the company, fungi grow at an exponential rate with minimal resources required. A proprietary fermentation process is used to transform the mycelium into large fibrous slabs with a very similar texture to meat. Some natural flavourings are then added to replicate the taste of steak. The finished product contains fewer than eight ingredients. Adamo says its aim is to fight climate change, improve global health, and boost food security. According to the company, it takes over 15,000 litres of water to produce a single kilogram of steak, whereas the footprint of mycelium meat is much smaller. The global fungi market Interest in fungi is rapidly increasing …