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Roquette Backs South Korea’s Advanced Protein Technologies in €15M Funding for Human Milk Prebiotics 

South Korean biotech company Advanced Protein Technologies (APTech), has secured a new funding round totaling €15 million for its development of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs). The funding included backing from French ingredient giant Roquette’s investment arm.   A producer of new prebiotics, APTech is developing technology for the production of more HMOs found in higher concentrations than in human milk. Leading international food companies include HMOs in their infant formula and baby food owing to its various proven direct health benefits, with the HMO annual market potential currently forecast at $1.5bn for 2026.  The equity was raised from new and existing investors including Roquette Ventures and will be used to commercialize APTech’s HMOs which have recently been authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration as …