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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Meet Land Lovers: A Startup Looking to Disrupt the US Meat Market With the “Most Realistic Plant-Based Steak”

With plant-based burgers largely conquered, the alt-meat industry is increasingly turning its focus to the more difficult but highly lucrative realm of whole muscle cuts, which make up the majority of meat sales in the US and beyond.  One of the newest and most exciting entries to this category is Land Lovers, a Chicago-based startup determined to revolutionize the US meat market with “extraordinary” whole cuts of plant-based steak.  Formerly known as ALCHEMEAT, Land Lovers is led by chef and food industry veteran Dr. Huan Xia. Using patented technology, the company produces whole cuts of plant-based meat that look and taste exactly like premium beef. Its versatile product, made from wheat and soy protein, is said to offer a realistic alternative to beef in virtually …


Plantbased Business Hour

Ingredion, Chicago’s The Hatchery and Alchemeat Cook Up Something Special on The Plantbased Business Hour

Elysabeth Alfano is joined on The Plantbased Business Hour by Ingredion’s Kimberly Frey, Ingredion’s Chef Nelson Serrano Bahri, The Hatchery’s Dani Zuchovicki and Chef Huan Xia of Alchemeat to discuss Chicago as the new Plant-based Hub and Ingredion’s most recent Plant-based BBQ Cook-off! Specifically, they discuss How The Hatchery is growing the community and market in Chicago for plant-based businesses, Chicago as a center of Plant-based Innovation, Ingredion’s support of the plant-based market locally and globally, Ingredion’s sustainability to focus and how Plant-based Innovation is helping them reach their sustainability goals, Chef Xuan Xia’s newest, tasty product and her vision for growing the Plant-based Steak market with Ingredion’s Chef Nelson Serrano Bahria’s guidance. Here is a short clip and transcript from their conversation. Podcast here. Display content from YouTube Click here to display …