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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

All Y’alls Foods Founder Outlines the Potential of Texas as an Epicenter of Plant Protein Production

Brett Christoffel, founder and CEO of Texan plant-based jerky brand All Y’alls Foods, has said that his home state has the potential to become a key player in plant-based protein manufacturing and innovation. While Texas is largely known for producing beef, cotton, and petrochemical products, Christoffel points out that the state is also the US’ largest generator of wind energy and its second-largest solar energy producer. He believes people are beginning to think differently about sustainability, becoming more open-minded — and this could open the door for new business models, such as growing and manufacturing plant-based proteins. Producing more plant-based foods and less beef could also help to save water, in a state that notoriously struggles with drought. There are already signs of change, with …


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Investments & Acquisitions

All Y’alls Foods Secures First Investment to Scale Up Plant-Based Jerky

Plant-based jerky brand All Y’alls Foods announces it has received an investment from Dr. Rizwan H. Bukhari, MD as part of a $1 million Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) note raise. Dr. Bukhari, a vascular surgeon, will also serve as the brand’s medical adviser.  According to All Y’alls Foods, it intends to use the investment to accelerate its growth.  “I am excited to join forces by investing in and becoming All Y’alls Foods medical adviser to help promote and develop healthier alternatives to animal-based products,” stated Dr. Bukhari, who is board certified in lifestyle medicine and owns the North Texas Vascular Center. Based in Texas, All Y’alls sells a line of meat-free jerky snacks and Big Crunchy Bacony Bits. In 2022, the company reported …


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Company News

Plant Jerky Brand All Y’alls Foods Reports 100% Year-Over-Year Sales Growth

Plant protein brand All Y’alls Foods announces it has achieved it highest sales month yet, with Amazon sales of its jerky and bacon bits exceeding last year’s totals by 100%.  Based in Texas, All Y’alls sells a range of products including It’s Jerky Y’all and Big Crunchy Bacony Bits. The company states its online sales are experiencing strong growth, especially on Amazon, where year-over-year sales more than doubled in November.   “Amazon has grown into a vital part of All Y’alls sales,” said All Y’alls Foods founder and CEO Brett Christoffel. “The size and reach of the audience, the number of folks seeking what we offer, and the repeat purchases have made it a viable channel that continues to support our growth in the plant-based proteins …


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Company News

Plant-Based Leader Elysabeth Alfano Joins All Y’alls Foods as New Advisor

All Y’alls Foods, a vegan jerky brand, announces plant-based business expert Elysabeth Alfano has joined the company’s Advisory Board. In her new role, Alfano will help support the brand through scaling and expansion.  Based in Texas, All Y’alls produces a best-selling line of meatless jerky and snacks including It’s Jerky Y’all and Big Crunchy Bacony Bits. In March, the brand reported its sales had doubled in the previous six months, and its bacony bits became the top-selling meat-free bacon on Amazon.  Plant-based maven Elysabeth Alfano is an investor, consultant and host of the popular Plant-Based Business Hour talk show. In January, Alfano and investor Sasha Goodman launched the VegTech Invest advisory and the VegTech ETF (NYSE: EATV), an actively managed fund that includes 37 publicly-traded …


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Facts & Figures

All Y’All’s Foods Plant-Based Bacon Reaches #1 on Amazon

All Y’all’s Foods, makers of Big Crunchy Bacony Bits, is now Amazon’s top-selling meatless bacon brand. The Texas-based company also reports achieving a +400% return on Amazon advertising spend over the past year, which helped propel its vegan bacon to #1 status.  Made from whole non-GMO soybeans, the Bacony Bits offer a cholesterol-free bacon alternative that can top meals, be mixed into recipes or enjoyed as a healthier protein snack. The product joins the company’s flagship line It’s Jerky Y’all, a vegan jerky range sold in several flavors: Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Prickly Pear Teriyaki, and Prickly Pear Chipotle. The Bacony Bits and jerky products are low in sodium while containing more protein, calcium and iron than traditional beef, the company says.  Gaining ground …