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Major Plant-Based Players Will Attend Alternative Protein Asia B2B Event & Platform

Singapore’s FHA-Food & Beverage conference has announced the launch of a brand new 1,300sqm feature area; Alternative Protein Asia. Offering a B2B platform for leading F&B manufacturers and emerging brands in a single platform, the event is taking place from 5-8 September 2022. The Alternative Protein Asia platform aims to satisfy the region’s fast-rising demand for alt proteins and provide higher penetration throughout Asia. The rapidly growing interest in alt proteins in the continent is driven by numerous factors, including major health concerns following a rise in meat consumption, as well as disruption in food supply chains and prices, especially for nations such as Singapore which is heavily reliant on food imports. Exhibiting companies include Impossible Foods, Tindle, Finnebrogue, GrowthWell, Shiok Meats, and more, as …



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Printed Technology

NovaMeat to Showcase 3D Printed Steaks at Alt Protein Conference 9th September

The Future of Meat: Hybrid is the theme of this year’s Alt Protein Conference, organised by Protein Directory and Cell Agri. Experts in the field of proteins of the future will be speaking, including Giuseppe Scionti, CEO and founder of NovaMeat, a Spanish company that develops plant-based and 3D cellular meat. The focus of the event is on companies that are transforming the future of meat through cultured and plant-based meat, referring to the future of meat as hybrid. According to the event’s official website, attendees will be able to learn “about the key business opportunities in alternative proteins as the field moves towards hybrid products and network with business leaders and scientists from both cellular agriculture and the plant-based alternative protein industry.” The event …