Bag of onions

©Joanna Stołowicz on Unsplash


Fermented Onions Unlock Natural ‘Meaty’ Flavors in Plant-Based Alternatives

Plant-based meat alternatives have gained popularity among consumers seeking to reduce their meat consumption. However, replicating the savory flavors and aromas of traditional meat has posed a significant challenge, often requiring the use of synthetic additives.  A recent study published in the ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a nonprofit organization chartered by the US Congress, presents a promising solution: the fermentation of onions, chives, and leeks with common fungi to naturally recreate meat-like scents and flavors. Synthetic vs. natural To make plant-based meat alternatives taste more like real meat, manufacturers frequently incorporate precursor ingredients found in meat that transform into flavor agents during cooking. These flavorings are typically prepared synthetically or through chemical processes, preventing them from being labeled as “natural” in many …


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