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Leather Alternatives

India’s Anita Dongre Launches Accessories Made With Mirum Vegan Leather

After years of searching for a sustainable alternative to leather, Indian fashion house Anita Dongre has unveiled a line of accessories made with the plastic-free vegan material Mirum. The new line includes four handbags — the Swan Mini Grab Bag, Birds Of A Feather Crossbody Bag, Nocturnal Glass Beaded Bag, and Champagne Gold Glass Beaded Bag. The latter two are made with recycled beads. The collection also features two more accessories, the Birds of a Feather Belt and the Haathi Belt. Anita Dongre, who is behind the brand alongside her son Yash, said the designs were inspired by her love for nature and animals. The fashion house will be donating 5% of proceeds from the new line to the India Animal Fund. “A dream come …