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Applied Food Sciences Launches Hemp Seed Protein for “Juicy, Firm & Authentic” Alt-Meats

Texan company Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has launched a hemp seed protein ingredient called PurHP-75™. Made with hemp hearts, the ingredient is organic and contains 75% protein, including all nine essential amino acids. While traditional hemp ingredients often have a bitter taste and gritty texture, AFS removes the outer shell and casing of the hemp seed to get to the inner part of the grain (the heart). The resulting protein has a neutral taste and smooth texture. PurHP-75™ is said to be ideal for use in meat alternatives, where it is described as producing a “juicy, firm, and authentic” texture. The protein can also be used in plant-based and keto-friendly baked goods, as well as alt-dairy products. Hemp-based foods The potential of hemp as an …