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Global Cultured Meat Markets Report – By 2040, a Projected 60% of Meat will be Created from Cells Grown Within Bioreactors and Sold Across Grocery Stores and Restaurants Worldwide

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “The Global Market for Cultured Meat – Market Size, Trends, Competitors, and Forecasts (2022)” report has been added to’s offering. By 2040, a projected 60% of the meat will be created from cells grown within bioreactors and sold across grocery stores and restaurants worldwide. The rise of the cultured meat market will be supported by the sustainability of the process, as well as the industry’s ability to provide “tailor-made nutrition” through its meat and seafood products. Recent surveys indicate that nearly 50% of the consumers do not have any reservations about cultured meat. Over the next 10 to 20 years, the cultured meat market is projected to act as a major disruptor to the conventional meat market. The number of startups focused …


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SCiFi Foods Reveals New Name, Raises $22M in Series A and Adds Former Impossible Foods Exec to Board

Food tech startup Artemys Foods announces it is re-branding its name and image to SCiFi Foods. The company also reveals a $22M Series A funding round and the appointment of Myra Pasek, a former executive at Tesla and Impossible Foods, to its advisory board. The startup’s previous backers include the British rock band Coldplay.  SCiFi specializes in cultivating beef cells, but instead of focusing on the enormous challenge of scaling cultured meat for the mass market, the company instead combines cultivated beef with plant-based meat. This results in a product with significantly better taste than most plant-based meats, at a fraction of the cost of 100% cultivated meat production, the startup says.  Located in the Bay Area, SCiFi states a name change was necessary to …