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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Singapore’s Yumeat Expands Shelf-Stable Vegan Meat Range Throughout Asia

In 2021, Ayam Brand — a Singaporean prepared and canned foods company established over 120 years ago — introduced a new plant-based meat brand called Yumeat.  Using the tagline “Get your proteins from plants,” Yumeat debuted in Singapore with plant-based luncheon meat and minced meat — two shelf-stable, ready-to-eat plant-based products that were unique in the market at the time. “Good for you, good for the planet,” says Yumeat, adding, “Whether you are vegan or an aspiring flexitarian, we are here to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle.”  Expanding through Asia Over the past year, Yumeat has expanded into Malaysia, Australia, and Hong Kong, and it recently debuted in Thailand. Since its launch, the brand has been introducing new products, including Mapu Tofu and new …