Rocio Cavazos. © EVM


EVM: “Our Members’ Contracts for Meat Alternatives Will Spare the Lives of Over 770,000 Animals”

The Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs of Mexico (EVM) is a community of committed plant-based entrepreneurs on a mission to boost the growth and impact of plant-based businesses in Mexico. The organization is working to maximize consumers’ access to vegan products and empower them to adopt conscious, compassionate, and healthy lifestyles. EVM envisions a country where plant-based products are the default choice of the majority and are readily accessible to everyone. The Association is the organizer of Vegan Business Summit (VBS) — the most important business event for the plant-based industry and alternative proteins in Latin America — and is also collaborating with ProVeg to help Mexico’s most promising plant-based startups find success. Rocio Cavazos, Founder and President of EVM and Head of Incubadora ProVeg, told …