Astrid Lefournier

Astrid Lefournier, image supplied


Association Végétarienne de France (AVF): “Changing Our Food Model is Now a Necessity on a Societal Scale”

Head of V-Label France at AVF since March 2020, motivated by the ethical, ecological, and health challenges of animal issues, Astrid Lefournier is committed to leading the food transition, convinced that democratizing the plant-based offer is essential to support collective and individual action towards change. Thanks to her studies in food security and sustainable development, Astrid realized the importance of global consumption on the environment and biodiversity. Passionate about sustainable food systems, she is convinced that protecting the planet and our environment depends above all on a healthy, local, plant-based diet. What is Association végétarienne de France and what does the organization stand for?  Founded 25 years ago, Association Végétarienne de France (AVF), a non-profit, strictly non-religious and independent of political parties, is France’s leading …