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Brenntag Food & Nutrition Announces Agreement with Axiom Foods for its Vegan Line in South America

The Latin American division of food ingredient supplier Brenntag Food & Nutrition announces a new agreement with Axiom Foods for the distribution of its plant-based protein line in Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. The agreement will extend both companies’ commitment to provide the food industry with plant-based alternatives to dairy and allergen-free vegetable proteins. These would be used for the production of foods, beverages and nutraceuticals, from cereal bars to dairy-free yoghurts. Raw materials used to make Axiom’s products include rice, peas, oats and sacha inchi. “This Axiom line is an important addition to our product portfolio as it helps to meet and strengthen the growing demand for meat and dairy ingredients and alternatives. This agreement is also a breakthrough where our customers will benefit …