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Paraveganio is World’s First Paracetamol to Carry Vegan Society Trademark 

Paraveganio is now the first medicinal product in the world to be registered with the Vegan Trademark, according to The Vegan Society. One of the most widely used painkillers in the world, it is not commonly known that paracetamol – and many other medicines – often contain animal derivatives. Paraveganio hits the market as the world’s first vegan-certified paracetamol option, helping to fight fever as well as mild to moderate pain without animal-derived ingredients. Conventional paracetamol tablets contain the flow regulator magnesium stearate – a salt of stearic acid and magnesium which can be of animal origin. The magnesium stearate in Paraveganio is taken from pure vegetable origin. Developed by German pharmaceutical company axunio, the certified vegan drug contains 500mg of the proven active ingredient …