Ayana Bio and Wooree Green Science sign joint development agreement to make plant cell-derived ingredients for health and wellness products.

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Ayana Bio and Wooree Green Science Partner to Produce Agriculture-Free Saffron

Boston-based Ayana Bio, a spinoff from Ginkgo Bioworks, and Wooree Green Science, a biotech from South Korea developing functional ingredients, announce a partnership to develop sustainable ingredients for health and wellness products for the South Korean market.  Under a joint development agreement, the companies will produce agriculture-free saffron using plant-cell technology to make it more affordable for plant-based weight loss supplements. Using this novel method, the companies aim to address supply chain challenges and expensive labor fees. As Ayana Bio explains, saffron is proven to support weight loss by reducing hunger and boosting metabolism. However, the detrimental impact of climate change on saffron crops is intensifying the challenges within the supply chain. Harvesting this labor-intensive plant requires up to 170,000 flowers to yield a kilo of saffron, …


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Boston’s Ayana Bio Pledges $3M to Accelerate Cacao Bioactives Through Plant Cell Tech

Boston-based Ayana Bio, a spinoff from Ginkgo Bioworks, has announced a $3 million investment to accelerate the production of cacao bioactives using plant cell technology to make consumer products for markets such as health and wellness, F&B, and cosmetics. Ayana Bio will utilize the capital to expedite commercialization of its cacao ingredients and prioritize R&D of the benefits of different cacao varieties as well as possible usages and applications to expand partnerships with CPG companies. Producing high polyphenol cacao extracts  Ayana Bio leverages plant cell technology —growing plant cell lines in bioreactors rather than agricultural production — to discover and produce plant and fungal bioactives that support and improve human health. According to the biotech, cacao contains biologically active compounds that support healthy digestion, cardiovascular health, cognition, …