Balenciaga partners with Bananatex for sneakers made from banana fibers

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Bananatex and Balenciaga Develop Sneakers Made From Banana Fibers

Swiss fashion company QWSTION, producer of the sustainable banana fiber fabric Bananatex®, has announced a partnership with fashion house Balenciaga to launch sneakers made from the material. The shoes are an eco-friendly version of Balenciaga’s much-loved Triple S sneakers, which have a characteristic chunky shape. They are now available at the fashion house’s physical and online stores in two colors — black and beige. “This is big news! Balenciaga and Bananatex!” said Hannes Schoenegger, co-founder of QWSTION and Bananatex, on LinkedIn. “The iconic Triple S made with our 100% plant-based, next-gen fabric, available in two colors. Bravo to everyone involved in this project, we are looking forward to many more in the future!” “Really exciting development” Bananatex is a durable canvas fabric made from naturally …


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Balenciaga Partners With GOZEN to Use Animal-Free Material Made by Microorganisms

Following substantial controversy in the media since November of last year, French fashion house Balenciaga has joined forces with US biomaterials startup GOZEN to make garments from an animal-free and plastic-free material made by microorganisms. Called LUNAFORM, the material is formed when microorganisms make ultra-crystalline patterns with the aid of nutrients and natural agents. While plant-based leather alternatives are typically made from a mixture of materials, LUNAFORM comes from a single process, meaning it is stronger than most of its competitors — including animal leather. Balenciaga has used the material to design its Maxi Bathrobe Coat, part of the fashion house’s Summer 24 collection. The coat was recently exhibited at Paris Fashion Week and follows two years of collaboration between the companies, with GOZEN working …