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Quorn Features on New Competitive BBC Food Programme Hungry For It

UK alt-meat brand Quorn has appeared as a guest host on Hungry For It, a new competitive food programme on BBC Three. The episode aired on June 28, with contestants challenged to prepare dishes containing Quorn products. Sarah Graham, the brand’s Culinary Innovation Manager, appeared as a guest judge alongside celebrity judge Big Zuu and American chef Kayal Greer. The aspiring cooks were asked to serve their meals to several diners, including Olympians. Ayala from Welwyn Garden City won the episode for her dish Spiralized Sweet Potato-ghetti with Chraimeh-Spiced Quorn Pieces. She has been invited to Quorn HQ to spend the day with the brand’s culinary team. Quorn collaborations Quorn has announced several partnerships so far in 2022, most recently launching vegan beer in collaboration …


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Market & Trends

Launches and Awards in Vegan Fish Category Continue as Forbes and BBC Suddenly Declare Plant-Based Seafood as “Next Big Vegan Meat Trend”

This week, both Forbes and the BBC have published articles declaring plantbased seafood as “new big trend” in vegan meat. This “trend”, one that we have predicted since our article here from mid-2018, sees news this week including brand new products from Good Catch and a PETA award today for vegan sushi in Holland.


Matt Pritchard

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BBC’s Dirty Vegan, Matt Pritchard: “I Hope I’ve Managed to Prove That Vegan Food is Appealing”

Ex presenter of the cult TV show Dirty Sanchez, Matt Pritchard, has transformed his life through veganism, and is set to host the BBC’s first ever vegan cookery programme. In each episode of Dirty Vegan, the trained chef receives various challenges to create vegan food for groups of people with specific nutritional needs – a women’s rugby team, the Women’s Institute, teenagers, and mountain rescue services.


Amanda Thomson – CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott

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Thomson & Scott: “We Want to Change the Way People Drink Wine for the Better”

Amanda Thomson is a former BBC television presenter and now CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, winner of the EY Winning Women 2017 and the Le Cordon Bleu Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. Her brand of high end prosecco and brut wines have been a huge hit in the UK, and the entire range is plastic-free, recyclable, and vegan to boot.