Plant-Based White Cheddar Cheese

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Babybel Expands US Dairy-Free Portfolio with Plant-Based White Cheddar

Following the huge success of Babybel’s first non-dairy cheese, Babybel Plant-Based, in 2022, the company announces it is expanding its dairy-free portfolio with Babybel Plant-Based White Cheddar. Set to launch in US retailers in May, the new variety is based on one of Babybel’s most popular dairy cheeses, Mini Babybel White Cheddar. Unlike the brand’s first dairy-free offering, which tasted mozzarella-like, Babybel says the new product features the sharp tanginess of traditional cheddar cheese.  Available in six-count pouches, the new variety is certified vegan, and offers a good source of Vitamin B12 and calcium. Like all Babybel snacks, the Plant-Based White Cheddar will also come individually wrapped in the brand’s signature wax – this time colored green – and is packaged in a 100% paper …


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Nurishh Cash Giveaway

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Nurishh Offering $200 in ‘Cream Cheese Credit’ For Consumers Who Switch to Animal-Free Cream Cheese

Nurishh Incredible Dairy, owned by Bel Brands USA, is offering US consumers a $200 financial credit and a chance to win a year’s supply of Nurishh Animal Free Cream Cheese for switching to its cheese. Similar to the use of ‘green’ credits for purchasing solar panels or driving electric cars, Nurishh aims to incentivize consumers to choose its more eco-friendly cream cheese, which features real dairy made without cows.  Starting today, bagel and cream cheese lovers can apply for a chance to receive $200 in cash for making the switch to Nurishh, which is the first alternative dairy brand from Bel Brands USA. Developed in partnership with alt-dairy startup Perfect Day, Nurishh Animal Free Cream Cheese offers the same taste and texture as traditional cream cheese, …