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Cheese Alternatives

The Laughing Cow Launches Plant-Based Version of Popular Cheese Triangles in the UK

Cheese brand The Laughing Cow has introduced a plant-based version of its much-loved mini soft cheese triangles in the UK. The new spreadable product is made from almonds and fortified with calcium and vitamin B12. Available as a wheel of eight triangles, it is claimed to be the UK’s first plant-based cheese to be sold in portions. The Laughing Cow is owned by Bel Brands, which previously launched dairy-free versions of the cheese triangles in the US last year. The company has also introduced plant-based versions of its Babybel snacking cheeses in the UK, the US, and Canada. Leader in cheese alternatives In 2021, Bel Brands launched a dairy-free version of its popular cream cheese brand, Boursin. Additionally, the company has created a dedicated plant-based …