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Malaysia’s Berjaya Food to Offer Innovative Plant-Based Products Amid Growing Demand

Malaysia’s Berjaya Food, which operates several retail and restaurant chains in the country, has announced plans to offer more vegan products in response to an increasing trend towards plant-based diets. Berjaya Food operates all Starbucks stores in Malaysia, and says it has already added healthier plant-based options to the chain’s menu. The company also has a Latin-inspired vegan restaurant called SALA, which offers dishes such as burritos, tacos, burgers, and chili. Under its Jollibean Foods brand, Berjaya Food offers traditional Malaysian food and drink, with freshly made non-GMO soy milk as the signature product. Additionally, the company owns Kelava, a producer of premium and handcrafted coconut-based vegan ice cream. Moving forward, Berjaya Food says it will work to introduce more innovative plant-based products across its …