BMW interior made with vegan leather

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Leather Alternatives

BMW Offers 100% Animal-Free Interior with Vegan Leather ‘Veganza’ in New 5 Series Touring

BMW is offering a completely animal-free interior option for the 5 Series Touring. According to the company, the interior design of the new vehicle sets new standards in terms of animal welfare and sustainability. The seat surfaces are made from the innovative material “Veganza” and will optionally be available with decorative perforation. Veganza is a vegan leather alternative that is said to offer an improved feel and optimized climate properties. The BMW Group announced in autumn 2023 that it would offer BMW and MINI vehicles with completely vegan interiors and would produce even more sustainable and 100% animal-free vehicles in the future. In cooperation with various startups, BMW is researching and developing innovative materials with leather-like properties that can be used, among other things, for …


BMW Mini leather-free

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All BMW and MINI Cars to Have Fully Vegan Options From 2023

Update 27 Feb 2023: All vehicles will have the vegan interior as an option, but it is not standard across the platforms. BMW has announced that from next year, all BMW and MINI cars will have fully vegan interiors. The move is intended to help the company achieve its sustainability goals. To make this possible, BMW claims to have developed an innovative premium leather alternative with good wear resistance, suitable for use on all parts of car interiors — including steering wheels. Following the change, under 1% of the cars’ components will contain animal-derived materials (such as the lanolin and beeswax used in paints). According to BMW, replacing leather with a vegan alternative will cut emissions by 85%, since cattle rearing and processing cowhide both …


Ford Mustang Mach-E


Market & Trends

Sustainability Emerging as Driving Trend in Automotives as Most Vegan-Friendly Cars Revealed 

As sustainability becomes a growing trend in the automotive industry, carmakers are increasingly opting for vegan alternatives in car interiors and greener solutions to transport. As consumers’ desire for sustainable materials drives demand, the most vegan-friendly cars on the market have now been revealed.  Analysing data from PETA and car manufacturers globally, UK car dealer Dick Lovett has named Ford in first place, which currently boasts 28 car models with vegan-friendly details, with further eco-friendly options available. Many of the models feature all-vegan interiors, including vegan steering wheels, as standard.  Vegan cars?  Although car pollution contributes significantly to climate change – up to 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, for example – moves towards sustainable and cruelty-free options are signs of change in …


BMW X Desserto

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Company News

Desserto Cactus Leather Announces BMW Collaboration

The Mexican firm Desserto, creator of sustainable vegan cactus leather, makes its debut in the automotive industry with its new Deserttex material at the IAA Mobility Expo in Munich, Germany. Mexican company Adriano Di Marti, an international multi-award winner for Desserto, presented its new automotive-grade material Deserttex hand in hand with the BMW Startup Garage program. With this innovative technology, the company aims to make significant sustainable contributions to BMW Group vehicles. Through a statement, the cactus leather company expressed that “it is an honor to be part of this important event in partnership with BMW. We are convinced that our cactus-based vegan biomaterials will significantly contribute to sustainability in the automotive industry by offering an alternative to replace traditional leather with sustainable, animal cruelty-free …