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Bosque Foods Raises $3M for Mycelium-Based Whole-Cut Meats

Biotech company Bosque Foods, which is developing mycelium-based whole-cut meat alternatives, has raised $3 million in its seed funding round. The round saw participation from FoodLabs, Happiness Capital, SOSV, Blue Horizon, Blue Impact, and angel investor Arman Anatürk. Bosque says it will use the funding to further develop its products and work towards commercialisation. The company has plans to test its technology at pilot scale and collaborate with chefs to conduct trials at restaurants. Additionally, Bosque will be seeking regulatory approval in both Europe and the US. Solid-state fermentation Like many alt-meat companies, Bosque Foods uses fermentation to manufacture its products. But the company differs in that it uses a process called solid-state biomass fermentation, as opposed to the liquid fermentation more typically used. Bosque’s …


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Bosque Foods: “Harnessing the Power of Fungi to Bring Mycelium-Based Whole-Cut Meat Alternatives to the Market”

Mycelium pioneer Bosque Foods (formerly Kinoko Labs) unveiled its whole-cut mushroom-based meat alternatives for the first time in Europe during a private tasting at the ProVeg Incubator in Berlin earlier this month, when key alt-protein and food-tech investors were treated to alt-pork fillets in Vietnamese bao buns and alt-chicken fillets, all created from the fungus superingredient mycelium. We at vegconomist love everything mycelium and all things fermentation, so we were excited to speak with Founder and CEO, the lovely Isabella Iglesias-Musachio, to find out more. Please introduce yourself and your mission Our vision is to help create a more environmentally sustainable, equitable, and animal-free food system to protect our planet, while preserving our most cherished culinary traditions. Our team has grown quickly over the past …


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Company News

Bosque Foods Unveils Next-Gen “Solid-State” Mycelium Meat Alternatives 

Bosque Foods – the mycelium meat specialist formerly known as Kinoko Labs – has given a sampling for investors in Berlin. ProVeg Incubator alumnus Bosque Foods unveiled its mycelium-based pork and chicken fillets made through a unique solid-state fermentation method.  “The method of solid-state fermentation that Bosque Foods is developing, can be a real game-changer for the alternative protein space” Alt-protein and food-tech investors including Unovis, FoodLabs, and Big Idea Ventures amongst others were treated to Bosque Foods’ alt-pork fillets in Vietnamese bao buns and alt-chicken fillets during the private tasting at the ProVeg Incubator in Berlin. Bosque Foods showcased its mycelium-based prototypes to demonstrate their potential as well as proof of concept of its proprietary solid-state fermentation method.  New York-based Bosque Foods is currently …