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Cultivated Meat

Ivy Farm & BCG Release Report on Cultivated Meat in the UK: “We Need to Act Now to Truly Realise its Full Potential”

A report by Boston Consulting Group and the UK’s first cultivated meat producer Ivy Farm has outlined the ways in which the UK cultivated meat industry could scale up and reach its full potential. It has been estimated that cultivated meat will make up 6% of the global alt-protein market by 2035, but the report suggests that this could be higher in the UK, with a third of British consumers reportedly willing to try cultivated meat, higher than in the US or other European countries.   Speaking to vegconomist this morning, Russ Tucker, co-founder of Ivy Farm, urged: “The way we produce meat today is unsustainable. Industrial agriculture and its negative impacts on the climate, our health and our planet can no longer be ignored.  …


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Experts Reveal That “Peak Meat” Will Be Reached in Europe and North America By 2025

The tipping point has almost arrived. Following news that 2020 saw a record $3.1 billion capital investment in alt protein, a first-of-its-kind report has been released this evening which suggests that Europe and North America could reach “peak meat” by 2025, from when the consumption of animal protein will be in decline. By 2035, just a decade later, it predicts that every tenth portion of food eaten globally will be made from alt proteins.